The Path of Wholeness

The Path of Wholeness

  • Learn How Temperament Shapes Codependency 
  • Understand the Four Origins of Codependent Behavior
  • Discover Faith-based Methods for Vibrant Recovery
  • Experience New Clarity and Personal Growth 

Dr. Jean LaCour is founder and CEO of NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education and the CPRC Professional Recovery Coach Program.  She has traveled to twenty four nations over the past twenty years and trained thousands of people who share a passion for relieving the suffering caused by addiction and codependency.

Her goal is to provide counselors, coaches, pastoral staff and caring professionals with powerful tools and insights so they can succeed in helping others to recover from addictions and codependency, reclaim their lives and rediscover endless possibilities.

Counseling the Codependent: The Way to Wholenessbrings clarity to the origins and definitions of “codependency” using a variety of classic resources including “family of origin” issues.  This book accurately presents clinical content from a Biblical perspective in order to serve the thousands of people of faith in caring professions who help people to resolve the dissonant and painful paradox of “feeling Big on the outside yet Small and overwhelmed on the inside”. 

Discover for yourself why secular and faith based readersalike consider this book a valuable life- changing resource for both personal and professional growth.


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